Increasing visibility by over 245% for a website with 1M+ visits/year

Our client uses different channels to provide medical information for patients – one of them is a website with remarkable visits of 1M+ per year. This website is an established digital brand of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies. The website already existed for multiple years, and despite there was no significant growth in the past while competitors gained more visibility year per year. The client published regularly new content and invested quite a lot time and money to update the editorial part of the website – this didn’t have the desired effect and didn’t gain more visitors over Google.



The goal of this project was to generate a higher level of disease awareness among the patients. Therefore the customers wished for a long-term solution by gaining more visibility in the search results in Google and drive patients to the website where they would the required information. The challenge was not only to increase the overall ranking of the website, but also establish it as the central place to go for medical information in its area.



In order the achieve the described goals we set up a strategy divided into two phases. Phase 1 was the technical inspection of the website. We found tremendous limitations on the technical setup which harmed the website to evolve further and analyzed relevant key factors which needed improvement. Based on this, we put together work packages prioritized by influence. Regarding the website content we identified the main keywords of all categories and clustered them in a logical and user-friendly way to avoid that the website is competing itself for specific keywords.

Phase 2 contained the analysis of the user experience. By using methods to track the behavior of the users we recognized weak spots and exit points on the website. With this knowledge of data and our broad experience in UX testing we optimized the website considering these results. Further we did a detailed Live-UX-Test in a special laboratory where we invited the target group to get a in-depth understanding of the handling, navigation and behavior on the website.



After we identified the causes quickly we could solve the issues and increase the visibility of the website by over 245% within 3 months. This correlated directly with the number of organic visitors from the Google search results. As a result the website gained considerable growth of sustainable traffic. Considering the CPC of the website this is equatable to paid traffic in the amount of almost 300K. The UX optimization resulted in higher interaction, extended time on the website and enhanced brand traffic. With these brilliant results we are happy to deliver our client a long-lasting solution. Want to get the full potential out of your website? Feel free to get in touch.